The Buzz About Pollen Allergies

Have you heard all the buzz about honey? Our sources have buzzed in and the results are finally here… Not only is honey a sweet addition to many of your culinary masterpieces, but it can also play a role in helping you to combat those incessant pollen allergies that return year after year. For many of us, these symptoms can become so severe that it makes it difficult for us to be a Queen Bee and remain on top of our game. If you’re included in the whopping 1 in 6 Canadians that can’t stop sneezing, coughing and itching the minute the warm weather arrives, then we many have some useful insight for you.
It was recently proven through a study that consuming local honey every day can significantly decrease the severity of symptoms associated with allergy rhinitis caused by pollen. Now you may be thinking that we’ve concocted this theory out of thin air, but don’t worry, bee happy, because there’s some pretty sweet logic behind this natural remedy. Since bees visit a multitude of flowers, trees and plants everyday on their quest to retrieve pollen for honey, they gather particles from these various forms of vegetation and carry them back to the hive. Thus, as the honey manifests amidst the honeycombs that they call home, these pollen particles become incorporated into the sweet substance that is later sold for our consumption. When people eat honey from a local farmer, the majority of the pollen particles that generally invade their body – causing their allergy symptoms to flare up – are ingested in very small amounts. This then functions in the same way that a vaccine does, by enabling the people to become resistant to these small amounts prior to their bodies having the opportunity to react negatively to them.
If the truth bee told, there is a catch to this buzzing hot topic. In order to experience true symptom relief, it is recommended that you have at least a tablespoon of honey every day for 4 weeks or more. For the sweetest results, you should try to consume local honey throughout at least two months of the winter, thus enabling the small amounts of pollen in every spoonful of honey to go to work by fighting those allergy symptoms before they get in your way. You can then continue to live your life as a busy bee without fear of your seasonal allergies slowing you down.
As luck would hive it, here at Murphy’s our honey is produced nearby at Creekside Farm in Beeton, and thus, it’s jam-packed with all of the allergens that haunt you (and your nostrils) every year. With both liquid and creamed honey, we’ve got all of your sweet endeavours covered. Whether you like a spoonful of honey in your morning tea to provide a healthy alternative to white sugar, or you like to incorporate honey into the marinade that you have for dinner every night, we can assure you that our honey is a force to bee reckoned with. If you’d like any more information on how our honey may be able to combat you’re pollen allergies or assist you in your cooking endeavours, feel free to give us a buzz. And don’t worry Queen Bee, you won’t be bugging us.