The Bakery at Murphy’s

Desserts from Murphy's on a table

Our family had instilled in us a love of baking from a very young age

and putting in a scratch bakery where we could bake pies and treats we were proud of seemed like the most natural thing to us! We weren’t really sure where to start but we jumped in headfirst with Strawberry Shortcakes! Now you can find a variety of goodies including fresh bread, pies, tarts, squares, cookies, biscuits, and granola!

But what does “made from scratch” really mean? It means that everything that comes across our bakery counter is made by us, with ingredients you’d actually recognize, like eggs, flour, sugar, and milk! We are proud of all of the goodies we make here at Murphy’s! Our bread is made and baked fresh every morning! Regulars know that if you want a warm loaf of our Oat and Molasses bread that 11 am is the best time to stop in!

We make all the pastry and filling that goes into our delicious pies and tarts here in our bakery. Pie choices change with the season depending on what delicious fruits are being harvested but our wild blueberry, raspberry, and apple pies are staples that can be found in the bakery all year long. In the spring we start with rhubarb pies. Those are quickly followed by strawberry rhubarb, raspberry rhubarb, and peach pies! Once the weather cools down in the fall our pumpkin and mincemeats pies are some of our customers’ favourites! 

Check out our Bakery Orders page for info on how to place your special order!

If you’re like us and dream of lace, bunting, and antiques for days then we have you covered! Whether you’re hosting your own party or having your party here on the farm, we offer a variety of beautiful antique dishes and decor rentals to suit your party style.
We’d love to help you host the perfect party! Please contact for more information on our decor rentals.