Employment Opportunities

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Please read before applying to Murphy's Farm Market and Bakery

We are a family-run farm market and bakery that provides exceptional work experiences for our team, developing strong relationships building technical and soft skills. We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables along with a scratch bakery and welcoming tourism experiences. We are proud to have dedicated staff, wonderful customers and are looking for individuals that share our commitment to produce high quality experiences and products.

At Murphy’s we build strong and lasting relationships, working together to achieve our goals.
We want to openly share our expectations so that we may all work towards our vision successfully.

As Employers we will:

  • Provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive place to work
  • Act with integrity and honesty
  • Speak kindly and clearly
  • Act with genuine care and respect for you as an individual
  • Provide opportunities for learning and development
  • Support growth through regular feedback
  • Foster strong relationships and enjoyment within our team
  • Recognize the value in every single role
  • Set clear goals and support to achieve them
  • Establish high-quality standards for products and experiences
  • Share our vision and encourage new ideas
  • Celebrate success

~ Growing good people and good food. ~

As Employees we expect:

  • Be inclusive, respectful, and supportive of others
  • Follow established safety procedures and protocols
  • Act with integrity and honesty
  • Speak kindly and clearly
  • Respect the workplace and its property
  • Represent our company as brand ambassadors
  • Openness to learning and growth opportunities
  • Thoughtful interactions that contribute positively to our work community
  • Appreciate the value and unique contribution of others
  • Contribute best efforts for personal growth, team goals, and company success
  • Maintain or exceed high-quality standards for products and experiences
  • Openly communicate to provide honest feedback

To apply for a position on our BAKERY TEAM please click here.