Get Ready for September with JuneBugs

We all have one…that heaping mountain of Tupperware piling up in our kitchen. Despite the frustration that resides deep in our hearts towards those bulky plastic containers, it’s the only way that many of us have been packing lunches and snacks for years. Unless, of course, we settle for using plastic Ziploc bags instead. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but—luckily for us—Josée (the owner of JuneBugs) found a way to combine the positive qualities in both of these storage methods in her fun and adorable reusable snack bags and sandwich bags.
As a mother of three children, Josée was all too familiar with the many challenges associated with packing children’s lunches for school. The daily struggle to find the matching lids for Tupperware containers amidst the chaotic morning rush, as well as the countless dollars spent purchasing disposable Ziploc bags of various sizes, motivated Josée to utilize her creative and artistic talents to improve the lives of mothers, fathers and caregivers who were similarly frustrated with lunches. With this inspiration, she created her reusable snack bags and sandwich bags that have grown in popularity in Barrie and the surrounding area over the past couple years. There is so much goodness sewn into these hand-made bags that it’s hard to know where to begin in naming the many unique features that contribute to their usefulness.
Firstly, these practical, high-quality bags are completely safe for food since they are made with fabric that is BPA, PVC and Phthalates free. Therefore, you can rest assured that—whatever edible delights you choose to throw in there—they will emerge perfectly safe and delicious when it comes time to eat them. The bags are also made with a zipper that is lead-free, which—believe it or not—cannot be said of all zippers. The use of high-quality zippers to seal the bags also helps to ensure that no valuable food is lost in your travels. And if you value food as much as we do, you surely don’t want to risk losing as much as a crumb. Having saved the best feature for last… we are also pleased to announce that the cleanup is super simple. Since the bags are made of fabric, you can simply throw them in the washing machine with your other clothing and they’ll come out squeaky clean and ready to serve and protect the next meal that you need for the road.
All of these features are evidently useful for all of us, but there are also many features of Josée’s bags that make them specifically handy for kids. Most prominently, they are easy for kids to open and close, as the zippers that she uses can be easily guided by little hands that may not yet have the strength or coordination for other sealing methods. The bags also come in a variety of fun and colourful patterns that will make kids excited for lunch time each and every day. Additionally, the flexibility of Josée’s snack bags and sandwich bags allow you to pack more food into the confines of your child’s lunch bag without being limited by bulky containers. And when it comes to growing children, the more food that they can get, the better! Finally, the bags are lightweight which can help reduce the heavy load that children are carrying in their backpacks. With all the books, toys, and supplies that kids are known to carry to and from school, the last thing that we want to do is add extra weight to their lunch bags. Growing children should be able to run free without being weighed down, and thanks to the JuneBugs snack bags, they finally can.
Here at Murphy’s we are lucky enough to be able to sell several of the JuneBugs products in our store. With our love of family and food at the core of our business, it only seemed fitting for us to carry Josée’s snack bags to help families like our own to enjoy great food wherever their travels may take them.