Oh What Plum!

Golden Plums are a delicious late summer crop. They are mildly sweet and firm and are full of nutrition.

They make the perfect snack, but don’t be afraid to get creative! We’re going to share a few delicious golden plum recipes for you to try.

First up is this tasty Vanilla Yellow Plum Jam! 

With only a few simple ingredients this is the perfect recipe to try, even if you’re not an experienced jammer!

Click HERE for the recipe!

This next recipe is a sweet and simple Plum Salad with black pepper and parmesan. 

It’s the perfect, sweet /tart / spicy / salty combo! 

Click HERE for the recipe! 

This last recipe we’re sharing is another quick and easy throw together snack! 

This Summer Plum Salsa is really just a chop-stir and enjoy dish. Serve it with your favourite tortilla chip or use as a topping on your meat dish!

Click HERE for the recipe!