Knead To Know With Hollis – Sept 1st

It came without ribbon. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags…
I know you’re likely thinking all things Holidays with that Grinchy quote, and I know its *just* the start of September but really, that’s where I am at. Once September arrives, Halloween is like next week and then its basically Thanksgiving and then Christmas is upon us, cheers, New Years. End scene. Phew. Not that I suspect anyone is overly sad to move into 2021 mind you. But still, so much to savour and enjoy before the year is done! 
The last week of August is traditionally the time we as a family, band together and freeze, jar and can a few of our favourite winter staples, capturing all those delicious summer flavours that feel so fleeting now that the Fall is upon us! And we soooo appreciate all that work in the winter, when we’re in the cold cellar grabbing a jar of salsa! Nothing better. 
And the thing is, that canning and preserving doesn’t have to mean hunkering down for a week or going full Little House on the Prairie and having to preserve all your winter food! The beauty is you can pick and choose the things you love most and then make as little or as many as you’d like. I know canning can feel daunting, intimidating and leave you wondering is this even worth it?!
I would whole-heartedly say yes! Again, don’t worry about stock piling and just try one or two things and I promise those jars in your pantry will make you feel so good. Our newest Made From Scratch Online Class is all about the ins and outs of canning and how you can do it with ease and enjoyment! It is launching on Friday so keep an eye out on social media for all the release details! 
Here is to enjoying the last unofficial weekend of summer. Sending loads of hugs and lots of fun before back to school begins (a whole topic for another day….)
Hollis xo