Berry Update!

Farming and Mother Nature have a unique, love hate relationship. This is especially true when it comes to strawberries. We need the warm sun to ripen the berries but not too much because then they ripen too fast. We need the rain but not too much rain, berries don’t tend to last too long when they are over saturated. Unfortunately the last week mother nature has given us more rain then the fields can handle and our poor sweet berries have gone for a swim.

Our pick your own is open with plenty of gorgeous red berries for you to pick. Calder is working extra hard to drain the fields and the recent sun has sure helped dry things up but if you are coming out to the farm we would suggest you put on some boots as it is still very muddy out there. Since strawberries don’t last quite as long when they have been wet, we would suggest picking them to enjoy right away!

The berry season may be shortened a little by the weather but it is still the sweetest season of all. We are open through the long weekend and hope to see you all out at the farm.




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