Knead To Know With Hollis – June 30th

How is it already July 1st tomorrow?! Does anyone know how this happened? Asking for a friend. Although I shouldn’t be surprised at all really. Every year, without fail I wake up somewhere around the end of June in a panic that summer is practically over and all my summer dreams are dead. Dramatic maybe, but the panic is real. Have I done everything on my summer list? Have I eaten enough ice cream, etc. etc.
LUCKILY, in reality of course, summer is just getting started! Thank goodness! My oldest daughter Meyer officially finished JK last week and I am looking forward to all that is coming over the next couple of months. Though it does kind of feel like she has been unofficially done school for ages.
Summer is officially my favourite. That is until Fall roles around, or Christmas, or Spring. I can’t choose. I’ll be honest. I live for the food and fanfare that each season brings. I will eat enough strawberries to not want to see one again for awhile, and then dive headfirst into raspberries and pretty much do that over and over again. The end. Anyone else? Or is it just me?
Eating outdoors. Freshly picked produce. String lights. Cold drinks. This is the beauty of Summer in Canada. It is what our Seasonal Summer Kitchen course is all about. Maximizing your enjoyment of summer with minimal effort. Creating memories for your family and friends about all the good that this country has to offer.
Our strawberry patch is open for pick-your-own (including Canada Day!) and reservations must be made ahead of time, online to book your spot! Spend some time in the great outdoors this holiday!
Cheers to you and to this country we call home! Happy Canada Day everyone! May we all enjoy time with family, friends and delicious fresh food.