Knead to Know with Hollis – June 16, 2021

Are you expecting an email full of dad jokes? I hope not. Because while I do have kids, I myself am not a dad. So I guess if I were telling jokes that would make me a faux pa…

End scene.

Okay, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s carry on to the real heart of the email. The people behind the jokes. The fathers. The grandfathers. Step-dads. Stand-in dads. All the men out there doing all the dad things and everywhere in between. I would say that my dad isn’t a classic dad joke kinda guy, but we do affectionately call him ‘The Joke Factory’. He is truly a jokester at heart for sure. 

In addition to cranking out the jokes from the factory, Mark Murphy is a savvy, hip and ‘with it’ kinda guy. He is a music aficionado, up with memes, Twitter and Instagram. He is one of the best online shoppers I know, able to track down most anything. He’s on the up and up. So it was extra hilarious that a conversation we had recently (and a story I am about to tell you) literally had me on the floor laughing, unable to believe he was mind-boggled by an email.

(And Daddy, I know you’re reading this, because you’re on our email list, and as previously mentioned you’re on the up and up. You know I love you and hope you don’t mind me sharing this story with a couple thousand of our closest internet pals…)

Let’s set the scene…

We were in the kitchen and my dad (who, as mentioned, reads all of our farm market emails) turns to me and says:

Him: “Why do you always start your emails at the market with ‘Hi Daddy’?”

Me: (Very confused and perplexed) “What? What do you mean?”

Him: “You know, all your emails start out with ‘Hi Daddy or Good Afternoon Daddy’ and then you carry on with your newsletter. I just have never understood why you call everyone Daddy.”

Me: (VERY confused) “I honestly don’t kn-” 

And thats when the lightbulb went off for me. 💡

My emails often start with a greeting for which we have a special piece of internet code magic ✨ that pulls your name from your initial email sign up and pops it in to customize each email. Whereas most of you likely did in fact put your first name, my dad, as you may have guessed entered his first name as ‘Daddy’. So because his email greeting was ‘Hi Daddy’ he thought I was addressing all of you the same way.

Hahahahaha. OMG. Shall I pick you up off the floor? I just can’t.

The fact that my ultra-savvy father of mine, thought I was addressing each of you as ‘Daddy’ still cracks me up. I just can’t. 

(Obviously still love you millions Daddy). 

And so, to conclude, whether your father is savvy, confused or somewhere in between, we hope you can show him some love this week. Be it in person, from afar or in your thoughts and heart.

Sending you all much love,