Welcome to the new Season!



It’s official, Spring is here! She may have taken a while to show up, but the nice weather is sticking around. The high temps have certainly helped our asparagus crop and the market is full of the delicious green stocks. The season should last into June but come in for a pound or two and get your fill before they are gone. Speaking of eating your greens, fresh handpicked spinach is making its way into the market as well. Mix it in with a salad, eat it as a side dish or hide it in the kids smoothies, the possibilities are endless.

There are lots of less healthy but equally delicious treats coming out of the bakery as well! Pies, tarts or a cookie for the road should balance out the asparagus nicely. Daily we offer fresh baked apple, blueberry and raspberry pies with coconut cream making an appearance on the weekend. For the latest news on our seasonal pies and treats be sure to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.

The market is now open seven days a week. Pop in, say hi and take home some treats.

MONDAY – FRIDAY 9am -6pm
SATURDAY 9am – 5pm
SUNDAY 10am – 5pm

Here is to a great season ahead!