Our Top 3 Must Try Strawberry Recipes!

Strawberry season is one of the busiest (and favourite) seasons here on our farm! We grow specifically June Bearing strawberries so our peak season of delicious red juicy Strawberries is June-July.  We are right in the middle of our harvest and if the weather continues to cooperate we will have strawberries until the end of July! In celebrations of our first fruit of the summer season we are sharing our top 3 must try strawberry recipes. It was hard to narrow it down to just three, but we’re keeping simplicity in mind with these following recipes. 

The first recipe we’re sharing is from Half Baked Harvest it’s simple yet essential for strawberry season. The oh-so sweet and flaky Shortcake paired with Murphy’s Strawberries and homemade whipped cream is something that can’t be beat. 

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CREDIT Half Baked Harvest

The next recipe we’re sharing is from Bake From Scratch! We’re bringing you back to your childhood with these Crispy Strawberry Treats. It’s the perfect recipe to share with your kids or eat all by yourself (no judgement here).

Click here fro the recipe! 

CREDIT : Bake From Scratch

The last recipe we’re sharing is from Mary Berg and is a must-make during strawberry season, Strawberry Thyme Freezer Jam! The reason we LOVE this recipe because its so easy to do, especially if you don’t have the space (or time!) to do a whole batch of preserving.

Click here for the recipe!  

CREDIT : Mary Berg