Knead to Know With Hollis – Nov 18th

If I were to ask you what you were afraid of, what would you say? Spiders, heights, your children’s safety….all things I would say that I fear as well. Making sure toddlers don’t run towards the road, ensuring they don’t choke on their snack, hoping they don’t feel alone and left out at school…the fears are endless and I am trying to accept that they won’t ever stop. Once one is “over” (they are old enough to understand the danger of the busy street) a new one emerges. Such is life.
The thing about fears is that while some are very legitimate and emotional, some are so ingrained in us without any actual sound reasoning whatsoever. We don’t often question our fears and merely accept them as truth. We’ve just felt the fear or unease and so avoided whatever it is that feels daunting. I have recently recognized a few things that I have been afraid of fall into the category of unfounded fears.
The first was a fear of selling online. Do I know that millions of online businesses exist around the world? Of course. My rational brain was telling me it was ‘figureoutable’ but there existed a fear in me anyways. How do you know how much to charge for shipping? What if it’s so expensive no one buys anything? What if things break en route? How do you know what size of boxes we should buy for so many products? Phew. I am just exhausted typing this. Thankfully for me, I have practical and pragmatic staff who look over the facts, fill in the blanks and voila, we have an online store that ships! Imagine that. One hurdle crossed.
Secondly, I am recognizing feelings of fear about trying something completely new and questioning what I am capable of. Our online courses were born out of our want to connect with others during the pandemic and have grown into something I am so proud of and yet still feel nervous about. I think the fears come from self-doubt and not always being confident in my own abilities. Am I a good enough teacher? Will anyone see value in it? Have I shared enough about it or too much? What if no one wants to join? Gahhh. The voices in your head can really be loud sometimes.
I can’t pretend that the fears are now magically gone. But I think just recognizing them for what they are and asking yourself if there is any truth to them is a good first step to moving through the fear and onto excitement. Our Home for the Holidays online experience is live and my excitement for it is real. We’re going to spend the next 5 weeks together online sharing in the holiday joys and learning to craft the most delicious Christmas dinner. We have it all mapped out for you and will walk you through the whole experience.
We all have fears. Some real and some worth questioning. If you’re fearful that the holidays won’t be the same and you won’t know where to begin, I want you to know you are absolutely capable of making an amazing Christmas dinner from scratch and creating magic for your family. Let us help. We can do it together. Your kids can make along with you and what is more wonderful than that.