Knead to Know With Hollis – Dec 1st

❄️The First Snow Day❄️

Happy December! 

This morning as I lay in bed listening for any signs of my kids waking up, my thoughts turned to the possibility (or truthfully, likelihood) of the school buses being cancelled due to the forecast of significant snowfall and subpar driving conditions. I had this feeling of being a kid again, wrapped up in my blankets, anticipating the glorious and welcome news of cancelled buses. My mom would be up and in the kitchen early with our local station, 95.7FM on the radio waiting to hear the bus cancellation announcements for the day. When our area was announced, she would come upstairs to let us know the news. “It’s a Snow Day” mean’t we could go back to sleep and that we could enjoy a whole day of fort building and sledding on our little gangway by the barn. Pure bliss.
If you are local, you likely woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground this morning and as I had anticipated in bed, the news all children want to hear…Snow Day. Technically I suppose, it applies to bussed students only (and full disclosure my children are ‘walking students’). And buses cancelled, doesn’t mean the schools are closed, but in any child’s mind the two would be synonymous. And lastly, I know with Covid there is now online learning opportunities so that you don’t miss a thing on Snow Days. Ah, the good ol’ days without online learning and when you could watch holiday movies with the other kids who’s parents also made them go to school that day. All those ancient things seem to be a thing of the past. Now along with #uphillbothways, we parents will have to also tell our kids that there never used to be online learning. When the snow flew, we used to be unreachable and free. Ah simpler times…
So on this first Snow Day of the year, I am thoroughly loving the festiveness the fluffy white stuff brings. And, I am extra glad that we happened to get our tree this past Sunday morning when it was sunny and welllll above freezing. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a tromp through the snow on the quest for the right tree. BUT I certainly appreciated that my kids weren’t crying because their hands were frozen popsicles (as they REFUSE to keep on their mittens) while we searched. I am superbly delighted to go home this evening and sit beside my tree, looking out my window onto the very picturesque winter scene.
If you were looking from the outside in, you might see 4 kids running amok on a Snow Day high, but there is also a 5th kid. Me, just living vicariously through my kids on this most glorious first day of December.