Knead to Know With Hollis – Sept 29th

My husband Jason is a very meat and potatoes kind of guy. So if he is ever away for work, I will often take the opportunity to make a meal I love that I know he won’t miss. My most favourite being Indian food. Also full disclosure, I often just eat cereal when he is away. But this week I was feeling ambitious!
I got out all my veggies and thawed my chicken while also simultaneously making my kids Kraft Dinner. Clearly my husband isn’t the only one who wasn’t interested in what I was making… In any case, I was so looking forward to a delicious butter chicken. And the best part was it was going to be super easy because I had a delicious gourmet butter chicken sauce I had bought at Costco.
Into my pantry I reached to get the sauce I had been saving for an occasion such as this. I quickly glanced at the best before date and nearly had a heart attack. It read: March 23, 2018.
2018!? Seriously?! How was that even possible?? That meant I had to have purchased it in 2017! 3 years ago. My mind was boggled. Literally boggled. I SWEAR I was there shopping with my sister that day we bought them in Costco like last winter. Clearly, I was wrong. Best before dates don’t lie.
Have you ever found something embarrassingly out of date in your pantry? Am I alone in this?! I hope I am not the only one who’s evidently not getting to the back of her pantry often enough. And who’s perception of time is verrrrry skewed.
All of this to say, I didn’t have all the spices and ingredients I needed to make it from scratch. So I packed the chicken and veggies back into the fridge and grabbed a bowl of Kraft Dinner.
Maybe next time…