Knead to Know With Hollis – Oct 6th

We are officially in the lead up to the busiest weekend of the year at the farm! It has been a beautiful Fall so far and we hope the sun stays for several more weeks! Fingers crossed!
Our bakery team is now operating from sun up to sun down to make all of our delicious pies and tarts for Thanksgiving! We have seen some gorgeous sunsets in the bakery lately, as we have started an afternoon bakery shift dedicated just to pastry making! We are so grateful that you love what we make and the girls have been thrilled to have extra after school shifts!
I do love this week, each year, no matter how sleep deprived I get. It is the culmination of months of work and its just such a buzzing high energy place! 5am in the farm market is a happening’ place to be. Give us some music (and coffee) and we are good to go! I am always in awe of how it comes together year after year.
So much happens behind the scenes before the oven even gets turned on! Everything from making our menu, graphic design, setting up our online store, creating excel charts, building boxes, ordering labels… Goodness. Not to mention all the making and baking every single item by hand. We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing team.
I can barely remember when there was only a few of us to both bake, pack and cash out our customers. It was a whirlwind few years and we have grown so much since then. Our very first Thanksgiving in 2010 we sold 120 pies! It was incredible. We were shocked and delighted. 10 years later we are doing 10 times that amount and we are so darn grateful for your support in all we do! We are grateful for you! Yes, YOU!
Looking forward to seeing you this coming weekend picking up a pie or a pumpkin in the patch. Thank you in advance for all of your patience when you visit us this weekend. There will be lines and some waiting but we hope each bite of deliciousness is worth it! We will have a separate pick up window for orders and will be welcoming you as you drive in to help direct you where you need to go!
Sending loads of love and appreciation to you for believing in all we do here at Murphy’s. Can’t wait to see your smizing faces!
Hollis xo