Knead To Know With Hollis – Jul 7th

I hope that you are all finding ways to keep cool in this ongoing heat wave. Last week I had to run to the store to get a bunch of fans for the market and a window air conditioner for the bakery… can you believe that our incredible staff had been working in the heat up until then?! We really do have the greatest team! Not only do we have the greatest team of staff but we also have the greatest customer! It seems like everyday we are selling out of Strawberries earlier and earlier. Luckily we have just added fresh raspberries and will be offering Pick Your Own Raspberries very soon!
Our Strawberry Cream pies were just a hit on the weekend that we are bringing them back again this weekend, just for you!
And as if extreme heat, selling out of everything and new products/classes weren’t enough… we have some even more exciting news!
While doing my degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph (how I got here from there is a story for another day) I participated in a foreign exchange. A chance encounter with senior students that had done their exchange at The University of Malta made my decision easy. It was an island. In the Mediterranean. I was sold.
One of my roommates also on exchange was a wee Irish girl called Nicola Coughlan. We became the best of friends and have remained so over 13 years later. Though we didn’t know it then, Nicola would go on to become the star of the Netflix series Derry Girls (was Netflix even a thing then!?) and a contestant on The Great British Bake Off.
She is one of THE kindest most genuine friends I have and I am delighted that she will be doing a live baking class with me this Thursday at noon as part of our Seasonal Summer Kitchen.
As there has been so much excitement about this collaboration and we didn’t want anyone to miss out we have created a special offer so that you can bake along with Nicola and I. This offer is going out tomorrow EXCLUSIVELY to you our newsletter subscribers. Lucky you! If you have been wanting to bake along with us make sure you watch your inbox for the announcement tomorrow!
Join us for a whole summer of fun in our Seasonal Summer Kitchen which includes this epic class with Nicola. Have I mentioned we are making the Raspberry Brownies that were the inspiration for her Great British Bake Off cake!? A reminder that our our special discount offer of $100 off FRIENDS100 is valid only until Wednesday at midnight!
Join in the fun this week and all summer with us! Nicola and I cannot wait to bake with you!
Hollis xo