Farmer Fionn’s Top 3 Things to Plant At Home

Farmer Fionny is back at it with spring weather coming in fast. He’s going to share with you the Top 3 Things that you can plant at home with your kids with this upcoming Spring Break!

Coming in at number one


It’s the perfect thing to start planting now as it loves the cooler temperatures, but it can be susceptible to frost so you will want to cover or bring inside overnight. You should see the seeds sprout in just over a week making it a great Spring Break activity! Keep in mind, these seeds are quite tiny and may be hard to manage, but you can try adopting the Fionn technique, where he “sprinkles the seeds like salt”. (Once the seeds start to sprout you can remove some to prevent overcrowding.)

Next up we have


Another great thing to plant now as it thrives in the cooler temperatures. It’s also super versatile and can be grown indoors in pots or outdoors in the ground! The seeds only take about 5-14 days to sprout, which is great when trying to keep the kids interested. You’ll want to cover these as well or bring them inside overnight until the risk of overnight frost as passed.

Lastly we have peas, one of Fionn’s favourite vegetables! (Hard to believe, I know)


Peas are another crop that enjoy the cold soil temperatures, making them the perfect early spring crop. The seeds are large and easy for kids to handle and can be planted directly into your garden. You should see them start to pop in just over a week!

Fionn has enjoyed planting and watching his crops grow! His next lesson will be on weeding and maintaining his garden while we patiently wait for our first harvest.