Our Christmas 2021 Wholesale Menu


Our signature holiday confection, our Buttercrunch is an English toffee coated in Belgian chocolate and topped with toasted nuts.

Available in the following flavours:
Almond Milk Chocolate
Almond Dark Chocolate
Pecan Milk Chocolate
Pecan Dark Chocolate

Case of 24 80g Bags = $94.80
Case of 12 1/2lb Boxes = $123.00
Case of 6 1lb Boxes = $114.00


Made with local creamery butter our Shortbread is light and melt in your mouth decadent and some flavours contain bits of our buttercrunch for extra deliciousness!

Available in the following flavours:
Chocolate Dipped
Cranberry Crunch
Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Crunch

Case of 12 1/2 Dozen Sleeves = $71.40
Case of 12 1 Dozen Boxes = $117.00

Chewy Ginger Cookies

A Murphy family favourite, soft and chewy cookies that everyone loves!

Case of 12 1/2 Dozen Sleeves = $71.40
Case of 12 1 Dozen Boxes = $117.00


Our handmade marshmallows are like nothing you’ve ever had. Light and airy, excellent in hot chocolate or on their own!

Available in the following flavours:
Vanilla Bean
Toasted Coconut

Case of 12 8-Piece Bags = $71.40


Beautifully iced gingerbread cookies create that extra special holiday feeling.

Available in the following shapes:

Case of 24 Cookies = $72.00


Our traditional Dark Fruitcake is coated with apple brandy and full of warm holiday spices. Our White Fruitcake is light and citrusy coated with Lemoncello.

Available in the following varieties:

Case of 12 5" Loaves = $108.00