Birthday Parties


Our party packages will be updated as Covid-19 guidelines allow. We look forward to celebrating with you soon. Stay safe!

Enjoying a Tart

Murphy's is the perfect place to host a unique outdoor birthday party.

Our rustic open-air barn features a large covered area where guests can enjoy activities, food, and the traditional birthday festivities. Guests will also enjoy an outdoor patio space where they can relax, and take in the atmosphere.

In case of rain:
All of our parties are outdoors and will continue in rain or shine. We offer age appropriate sheltered activities in the event of bad weather, but in most cases children don’t mind getting a little wet and having fun in the rain! Please note that our farm is usually cooler and windier due to the open farm fields. We suggest reminding your guests to dress appropriately for the weather and have them layer up!

Celebration table with cakes and cupcakes

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