Sweet Corn is all done for the year, see you in July 2021!👋🌽

Potatoes: Our market is stocked with 5lb bags of Yukon Golds. 50lb bags will also be available around Thanksgiving!🥔

Pumpkins: Our lawn in piled high with all your favourite pumpkins. In all different sizes, white, yellow, green, pink and of course orange!

Apples: We have brought in two varieties of apples from Collingwood, Early Macs and Ginger Golds. More coming soon! 

We are proudly carrying Cookstown Greens products!
Currently in our market:
Mixed Onions, Garlic, Heirloom Tomatoes, Carrots, Beets and Hearty Micro Mix!

We are proudly carrying Top Tomato Foods products!
Currently in our market:
Watermelon and Broccoli

We are proudly carrying Maple Grove Farms!
Currently in our market: 


Wondering what to do with all of this fresh Ontario Produce? 

Check out our Savour the Flavour online learning experience! Preserve the freshness of summer and enjoy all year long.