Calder Murphy's Crop Report

JUNE 12-18th
Our Field Team is rocking it picking asparagus every day! From the cold and rainy days to the scorching dead heat. So thankful to them for all the hard work this harvest!
Our yields are down this year due to that cold week in early May. So that means our season will be extended and we will have asparagus until late June! So it was spread out over a longer time period.
The berries are full of flowers right now, with some tiny green berries currently sizing up and should be ripe and ready for late June! Yay!
We are expecting a slightly slower start to the season but once we get into July there will be a plentiful crop! We are looking forward to having you visit for pick-your-own and will be sharing more info on PYO next week!
Sadly the season is mostly finished for rhubarb. The demand this year has increased significantly and we haven’t been able to keep up! Thank you for your patience. We are going to focus on improving our crop so we will have more for you next year!
As a final note, non crop related, I would just like to thank our Field Team so much for doing their part and more, going above and beyond what is expected of them. Thank you to you, our customers, who are the reason we are here at all. It’s the people that make this community so amazing, every single one of you. With my whole heart… thank you for making this place so special to me, my family, and the countless other lives we’ve touched!
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