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We absolutely LOVED our first round of Murphy’s Made From Scratch classes! We hosted kids’ classes and adult classes, plus our Board at Home class (which featured creating your very own unique charcuterie boards)! 

We are currently planning an AMAZING next step in our Made From Scratch series. Stay tuned for all of the exciting details! To be one of the first to know, be sure to join our email list.

Previously on Made From Scratch…

We’re so looking forward to our next round of Murphy’s Made from Scratch for Kids! My little co-hosts have been asking daily when their next turn to bake on “my show” will be. I think that’s the best part about baking with children, their genuine excitement, and delight in diving into the flour, sugar, and all the mixing and mess-making that comes from it. The end product (a yummy treat of some kind!) is definitely motivating but I genuinely believe that children truly enjoy the process as well, which as adults I know we often rush through and overlook.

You don’t have to be an amazing chef or celebrated baker to install a love of food or baking with your children. It is simply having an open mind, being relaxed, and allowing them the freedom to get into it. From any age, a stool can be propped up to the counter for them to see and be involved in what’s happening in the kitchen. Age-appropriate tools and tasks can be included and it just makes it so engaging for them to be able to get to touch with their hands. It’s our hope to engage your children, have some fun family together, and get to enjoy a delicious treat at the end! We are so looking forward to ‘meeting’ your mini makers!

Previously on Made From Scratch Classes
Our Made from Scratch Classes includes:
  1. 2 one hour live-streamed classes
  2. Saved recordings of each class (in case you miss one or want to go over tips or techniques!)
  3. All recipes and instructions
  4. Live support and Q&A while you bake!
  5. Access to our private Facebook Group for our Made from Scratch classmates
  6. Exclusive content, tips, and techniques right to your inbox
Here is what you can look forward to making in our May Kids’ Classes:
Wednesday, May 20th at 3 pm – Chocolate Cupcakes – This chocolate cake is a staple recipe in our house. My eldest would sell her siblings for a piece of chocolate cake I am certain! This recipe is moist and decadent and the glaze makes it simple to pull together!
Wednesday, May 27th at 3 pm – Pizza Twists – These pizza twists are an easy way to change up a common meal item! Pizza, but more portable, more snacky, and just as delicious! You can customize them as you would your pizza toppings so that they’ll please everyone at your table!
We hope you will sign your young bakers up to join us for this next round of classes! If you have nieces, nephews, and neighbours who are looking for a great new way to connect, we would love for you to let them know about our Made From Scratch class! Our class participants will be able to see the other bakers through the magic of Zoom! We know from our last set of classes how much the kids enjoyed watching each other bake, showing off any teeth that they have lost recently, and sharing their best silly faces into the Zoom cameras! It’s a great way to feel close in a time where all of us are missing that human connection.
So looking forward to making from scratch with your mini makers!
~ Hollis
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Previously on Made From Scratch Classes