Local Food Week 2017

This week we are celebrating Local Food Week in Ontario. We are so fortunate to live in a region with some of the best agricultural land in the country. We are able to grow a wide range of fresh market produce and continue farming as our family has for over a century. Being able to grow fresh fruits and vegetables continues to be a passion for our family, providing local families and restaurants with the bounty of our crops.

Canada, as I am sure you know is also celebrating this year in our 150th birthday. We could not be prouder to have lived at our farm for 104 of those 150 years. Celebrating food and family in this great country of ours is what we are all about. We are committed to high quality standards, growing the absolute best produce we can. In years like this one, where it has been much cooler and wetter than usual it has been challenging. Being able to roll with Mother Nature’s punches is one of parts of the job. Here’s to hoping for a little more warmth and a lot more sunshine!

We are looking forward to the growing season ahead with such excitement. Our new corn planter is (fingers crossed!) promising to have us our earliest crop of sweetcorn ever in mid-July! And next up for us now that asparagus is winding down is our pick-your-own strawberries hopefully mid to end of June! We hope you come out to the farm to enjoy that iconic taste of summer. 

Wishing everyone a delicious Local Food Week! Pop into the market for fresh asparagus and spinach! Or maybe even a bowl of our Cream of Asparagus soup to take away this unfortunate June chill! Share your photos of the best of Ontario produce with us #loveontfood.