Knead to Know With Hollis- Sept 24th

Can I be honest? The last month or two has been…well, a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. Like, I just am not sure how we have arrived here, in FALL. I feel like I have been barely keeping up in all areas, work, home, my non existent social life. I have been literally repeating to myself “If I can just get through this week, next week will be better” for the last hundred or so weeks it seems.
Last week we were filming (wait for it….) our CHRISTMAS online classes. My brain is in full Holiday mode and my body is in Fall. No wonder I am feeling so all over the place. Its that feeling of overwhelm and lacking the confidence to get it all together.
Ah confidence. The feeling that, is sometimes shaky, often elusive, and always benefits from words of encouragement from those that believe in you most. My mama knew I was prepping for our upcoming cooking classes and I needed some more tips and tricks for the recipe.
So before heading out into the early morning for potato harvest, she grabbed a Sharpie and a cereal box destined for the recycle bin, and she wrote out everything I needed to know to help me pull off the recipe with confidence. Sometimes words of encouragement are spoken, sometimes they are shouted and sometimes they are written on the inside of a Mini Wheats box.
When I get that feeling like, how did I get here, I just have to take a look around and I see all my people, their support and encouragement. THAT is what got me here. That is what gets us all through. Our people, whether near or far, that believe in us, even if we don’t believe in ourselves.
I am so grateful for my mom’s generosity with her time, her knowledge and her passion for making delicious things. I am grateful for YOU for supporting our little business. I am damn grateful for our team who keeps me going each and every day.
And lastly I am grateful that confidence can be found in the the most unlikely of places, and that I am still finding prizes in cereal boxes.
Hollis xo