Learn all of the different varieties available at Murphy’s!

Cronus (Jack 'o' Lantern)

Short, blocky with deep ribbing and big handles

Aladdin (Jack 'o' Lantern)

Slightly taller than wide and slightly smooth

Gold Medal (Jack 'o' Lantern)

Nice round shape with big strong handles and a vibrant colour

Kratos (Jack 'o' Lantern)

Slightly wider than tall and big handles; great for carving

Hermes (Jack 'o' Lantern)

Smaller in size, but still perfect for carving

Crystal Star (Jack 'o' Lantern)

Decorative variety that is large, white and carve-able

Mellow Yellow (Jack 'o' Lantern)

Yellow carving pumpkin to add a nice contrast to traditional orange varieties


Warty texture with a red/pink colour

One Too Many

Unique red/orange veins creeping across the whole pumpkin; mostly round but can also be tall


Firm, salmon-coloured, blue/grey flesh with excellent flavour; flat and blocky with deep ribs

Autumn Buckskin

Beautiful tan/earth-tone colours and one of the highest sugers (often used for processing into "canned pumpkin"); flat and round

Flat White Boer

Used for stacking pumpkin displays or tipped on its side to resemble a flower; flat with medium ribs

Porcelain Princess

One of the most popular varieties; flat and blocky with a unique pink colour that can range from vibrant to pastel

Grey Ghost

Flat, round and smooth with a blue/grey colour; high sugars and great texture make this our favourite for baking!


Flat, round shape with a honey yellow colour; great for pies


Flat, round shape with a long handle; perfect for decoration

Early Abundance

Round shape and the near perfect size for our pumpkin cannon

Field Trip

Flat shape and nice long, strong handles

Quantum (Butternut Squash)

Dense with nutrients and most commonly used in fall recipes

Pinnacle (Spaghetti Squash)

Stringy in texture (like spaghetti) and perfect as a low-carb pasta substitute

Bonbon (Buttercup Squash)

Delicious and sweet with a dry texture when cooked

Autumn Delight (Acorn/Pepper Squash)

Our best-selling squash; sweet but mild with a pumpkin flavour

Lil' Pump-ke-mon

White munchkin with orange ribbing and speckles


Orange, round munchkin with smooth surface that's great for painting


Tiny flat orange munchkin with deep ribs and flavour similar to acorn squash


White, flat munchkin that is great as a tabletop decoration and with delicious "acorn squash" flavour