Bakery Orders

When you know you want a certain pie on a specific day we recommend placing an order with our bakery! This ensures that you get dad’s favourite pie for his birthday and don’t miss out. It’s really easy to place an order! Simply call our farm market and let the staff know what you what like to order and the date and time you will be picking it up. Placing an order saves yourself the stress and ensures you get what you want! Send us an email at We look forward to talking with you!

Charcuterie Boards

We are grateful to be able to stock the market with delicious cured meats and preserves from a handful of the Mennonite families that we work with closely. One of the best ways to enjoy these treats is on an artfully presented charcuterie board! From events in our rustic party barn to a gathering in your own home, we are able to create a spread that will appeal to everyone on your guest list. For more information and pricing please feel free to contact us at the market by calling 705-435-2141.

Thanksgiving Orders

Thanksgiving is a very busy time for our bakery and we have hundreds of pies go out each day! Orders will be accepted until a week before Thanksgiving online and by calling the market.

Weddings and Special Events

Having a party, corporate event, or wedding and looking for desserts? Why not get something that tastes as delicious as it looks! We love to be a part of your event and work with you to get desserts and baked goods that match the look and feel of your event. Whether it’s cookies for kids to decorate, or favours for a shower or corporate event, we love working with clients to help pick items that your guests will LOVE and fits your price range!

Check out our Special Events Booklet for some of our delicious options! (Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for a quote.) 


Like Thanksgiving, Christmas is a very busy time in the bakery! We start making our Christmas confections like our Buttercrunch, shortbread, and marshmallows the first week of November! We offer gift baskets/boxes, corporate gift-giving, and more! Send us an email if you have any questions or special requests: