Asparagus – Not Just for Grilling (Click for the Full Article)

You’ve shared your favourite asparagus recipes and now we’re sharing ours!

Asparagus season is one of our favourites around here. It’s the first taste of freshness after a long winter and it reminds us how delicious fresh Ontario produce can be. Although, we’ve been known to eat it raw straight from the field here are some of our favourite asparagus recipes if that’s not your style!


Asparagus and Brie Puff Pastry

Credit: Half Baked Harvest

First, we’re sharing this Asparagus and Brie Puff Pastry with a Thyme Honey drizzle from Half Baked Harvest. This recipe is a Murphy go-to for any time of the day! When we tell you this is the most delicious & easiest recipe to follow we’re not exaggerating.


Summertime Frittata

Credit: Diala’s Kitchen

The next recipe is another anytime of day meal, it’s the Summertime Frittata by Diala’s Kitchen. We love this recipe because it’s so versatile and who doesn’t have milk (link to Milk) and eggs(link to eggs) in their fridge? Play around with the recipe! If you don’t have the same cheeses or want to use a different protein, try it out!


Asparagus Salad

Credit: The Recipe Critic

The last recipe we are sharing is an Asparagus Salad by Alyssa Rivers at The Recipe Critic. We’re sharing this recipe to show you the versatility of Asparagus. This salad is light and so easy to throw together! You can even try it raw with our Purple Asparagus (link purple asparagus). Pair it with any of our salad dressings (link salad dressings) or make your own lemon vinaigrette with the recipe provided.


We like to think of recipes as a guideline (for cooking anyways, baking is a whole different ball game). Feel free to add your own twists and ingredients! Share your results with us by using the hashtag #MurphysMadefromScratch